The project

The Kondor association was created in 2016 by Nastasia and Oksana Brard.

In 2013, following a rare spinal cord accident, Oksana became quadriplegic.

This situation brutally brought him into the sad reality of the world of disability. His family, meanwhile, found himself totally destitute: the only one facing the medical world, the only one facing the many administrative burdens, alone in face of his questions and only to adapt to these new constraints of everyday life.

Therefore, acting has become their credo and facilitating the lives of people with reduced mobility is, today, their main objective.

The aim of the association is therefore to gather and link direct and indirect victims of motor disabilities. Their website aims to gather as much information as possible to provide a global response to the difficulties of people with reduced mobility.

The site has 3 sections:

Tourism : The association has tested for you, in France and abroad, hotels, bars restaurants, beaches, sporting and cultural activities fully accessible for all types of wheelchairs.

GAdministrative Guide : The association demystifies the language of the MDPH by clarifying the allowances and aids to which people with reduced mobility are entitled. This section also lists useful associations near you.

The Mag : Here, several themes coexist such as science, tricks, reports …. This section offers a lot of tips and articles to facilitate the daily life of people with reduced mobility.

The mission of the Kondor project is to communicate a positive message on disability while putting in place various sporting and cultural projects bringing together valid and invalid people.

The association wishes to fully integrate people with reduced mobility into society but also to allow them to travel with serenity in many destinations.


The act of adhesion is the first act of commitment within our association.
You can help improve the daily lives of people with reduced mobility and support our projects and our commitments, both morally and financially.
As a member, you have the right to vote at the annual general meeting that takes place once a year (in May). With this right to vote, you can decide on the policy of the association and elect the Board of Directors.

VYou also have access to our forum, a part is reserved exclusively for our members. You will also have access to the lyrics groups 


Participate in the Kondor project

The more places, objects and accessories, scientific projects will be identified, the more we can contribute to improving the daily life of people with reduced mobility. That's why your contribution is important! You can help us to catalog suitable places to go on holiday (download the description), but also tell us about your tricks improving your daily life. You can also give us your good advice, both administratively and medically.

Volunteer work for Kondor

Do you share the philosophy of Kondor? So get involved! Whether you are a disabled person or a disabled person, no matter what your age or skills, there will be a place for you in our association. Our missions are diverse and varied, join us!


Nastasia Brard
Oksana Brard
Stéphane Lanssonneur
Véronica Houix


jérôme Houix
Clément Genin
Noémie Le saux
Louis-Marie Lainé
Matthieu Guillard
Adrien Liard